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The journey through the internship experience at the BKUN Office was one filled with learning and self-progress for Devindree.  The intern was afforded the exposure and opportunity to experience and function within the setting of an international intergovernmental organisation such as the UN. The opportunities to attend conferences, sessions and committee meetings covering a wide cross section of themes of global importance enabled Devindree to gain experience on how to apply a broad framework of spiritual understanding to global concerns.

The initial settling into a whole new country, social and organisational setting was somewhat daunting but as time progressed, reflection and research into relevant themes acclimatised the intern and she felt more functional in her capacity.  At some point during the internship, in a moment of disheartenment, the insight that the intern was privileged to receive, was the subtle mechanics of how Dadi Prakashmani was able to give such a genuine experience of respect because of the deep foundation of  purity:  The intern could clearly appreciate how Dadi’s relentless focus on the original and eternal beauty of the self and all others created a pure space within the heart and mind…  Thoughts and feelings are concentrated on innate potential, virtues and specialities.  This subtle level of purity within transforms one’s attitude and vision.  Individuals are able to very naturally recognize and respond to this uplifting and empowering attitude and vision.  Being nurtured and nourished by this genuine experience of being respected, individuals receive the motivation, inner power and courage to fulfill their innate potential in life and service. 

The intern was immediately energized and uplifted by this exquisite insight and holding on firmly to this progressed through the rest of the internship, enjoying the experience of a newfound level of purity in attitude and vision.  It was a miraculous experience to experience the deep level of stability that began to permeate at the level of thoughts and feelings and also witness the transformation in the quality of relationships and performance of tasks.  Stress, anxiety, irritability and sorrow became a distant memory and was replaced by lightness, cheerfulness, confidence, hope and enthusiasm.

The intern carried with her the absolute faith that receiving this window into an aspect of the beautiful inner world of Dadi Prakashmani  was an invaluable treasure that would enable her to become a better instrument to serve humanity, and this was the essence of the very precious opportunity of being the first Prakashmani Scholar.