About Dadi Prakashmani


Dadi means ‘elder sister’ in the community of the Brahma Kumaris.  However, the word Dadi is more widely used in the Indian sub-continent as a term of endearment for ‘grandmothers.’  She was both and more to the many generations of the BK family who are from all over the world.  Each one touched her heart and was touched by the wisdom and experience in her heart.  Perhaps this is why she is best remembered as the Dadi of people’s hearts.

Prakashmani literally  means ‘jewel of light.’  To describe the person that Dadi Prakashmani was, is like reflecting on the jewel of light in the heart of the sacred lotus.

Dadi Prakashmani was a pioneer for all women and the spiritual leader of the Brahma Kumaris from 1969 until 2007.  Dadi guided the expansion of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University from one country into well over 120 countries, and a student body from thousands to hundreds of thousands.

She had a remarkably unique ability to cross boundaries of language and culture giving all people a most powerful sense of belonging.  Dadi Prakashmani led with a mind that constantly saw the potential and virtue in all people, and had an intellect that was far-reaching, seeing every external challenge as an opportunity for internal change.  Dadi was known for her abundant and nurturing heart that somehow brought out the natural beauty and brilliance of whoever was in front of her.  Dadi’s character and behavior upheld the original and true founding vision of the organization.  She carried the flame of absolute truth and purity with her, at every step and in every breath.

Dadi Prakashmani also had a deep inspiration about the potential of the Brahma Kumaris to contribute something special and significant to the work of peace that formed the vision of the founding members of the United Nations.  It is her inspiration that ultimately led to our affiliation and status with the United Nations.

This scholarship has been created in honor of our beloved Dadi Prakashmani.

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