Main project in New York

As an Internship Project, the Prakashmani Scholar and Brahma Kumaris intern was posed with the creative challenge of designing and implementing an initiative for International Mandela Day 2012, at the United Nations, that would impact on leadership.  After an intensive design phase, in which there was much research, communication and consultation with experts, the intern arrived at the concept The Hope and Promise of Leadership – Partners in a New Beginning.  The programme aimed  to inspire and guide young emerging leaders, during this critical life stage, in which their own personal style and approach to leadership is taking shape and form, through the process of critically analyzing the exceptional example of legendary leaders.   The example of legendary leaders was to be used as a way to encourage a values-based, holistic form of leadership amongst young leaders and emerging young leaders. During the preparation phase, two major parallel efforts were made: to acquire suitable presenters who would effectively reflect inspirations and learnings from key legendary leaders and  to engage in intensive efforts to distribute invitations and gain publicity for the event.  Efforts were also being made to confirm an appropriate cultural event to start off the event.  The intern was amazed at the power of networking and the immense level of co-operation and support received from many unexpected resources, she attributed this “magic” to Dadi Prakashmani’s subtle support.  The culmination was a deep exchange between the intern, eminent speakers and a 100 strong audience programme that was held on International Mandela Day, 18 July 2012 (which incidentally was also the intern’s 35th birthday) at the United Nations Church Centre.

Devindree Pillay introduces the speakers: Consul Lebongang Mokwena, South African Consulate in New York; Dr. Cliff Frazier, New York Metropolitan Martin Luther King J. Center for Nonviolence; Arvind Vora, Shanti Fund and Chairperson of the Long Island Multi-Fatih Forum; Dr. Kurt Bomze, Former President, Janusz Korczak Society of America; and Dr. Tamasin Ramsay, NGO UN Representative, Brahma Kumaris.


Invitation to Mandela Day 2012


Exhibition: Legendary Leaders of our Times who have Illuminated the Path to Wisdom, Service and Humility.


Dr. Tamasin Ramsay, presents on Dadi Prakashmani